1…2…3… SMILE

Today my blessing is that I have a job…well sort of a job :). I am still doing projects through Elance and it has been pretty nice, just not very consistent. I’m working on a particular project which this guy from Arizona mailed to me a box load of different products he is selling and he wants better pictures. I’ve pretty much spent the whole afternoon taking pictures. I’ve been experimenting with so many places and different lightings. My body is quite tired from having contorted it in so many different directions. I’ve read in a book something to the effect of, ‘if you never had any problems you would never learn’. That phrase is defintely true, problems create excitment in life because you have to learn to overcome them. Once you get victory it becomes an exciting event which you wouldn’t have experienced without the problem :). I’m just thankful my problems haven’t been as difficult as I’ve seen some others have to go through. This is one of the reasons for the blessing blog, when I get discouraged and it seems that nothing is working right for me and the problem is more than I can bear. I want to look back at this blog and rejoice in how greatly God has taken care of me and blessed me. I Love the Lord and I want to do my best to keep my eyes focused upon Him. Abide in Him!