A Birthday Surprise!

Last Sunday we celebrated Linnea’s birthday….well…..sort of. Sunday night we all went out to a new Chinese and Mongolian Buffet and it was great! The food was good, but I think my favorite part was that they played classical piano music in the background. Big thumbs up from Alyssa!! We then went to my house for a girls sleepover. (By we, I mean Linnea, Anna, Kali, Maggie and myself) The sleepover included watching Enchanted and an intensive search for the fruit snacks (which were sneakily hidden by my little brother). Who knew fruit snacks were so valuable?!

Secretly, we were planning a party for Linnea the next day…but she had no i-clue. It was great! There were SOO many hints but she never caught on. Which made it so much more fun! As we girls made our way into town for some Whidbey Coffee and a stop at the bank I realized that we still had about 20 minutes before people would be arriving at my house! I quickly searched through my small brain files for an idea of what to do. Well, Walmart is always a good plan B. So off we drove to walmart….to get tissues….sorry excuse I know, but what would YOU have done?! So we got tissues…then of course I HAD to go find more fruit snacks! I frantically looked at my watch…ten minutes still to waste! Let’s see….”Ah HA! I see Cranberry Sierra Mist over there!” So off we went to check out the beloved soft drink.

Baaarely making it back to my house at the appointed time I realized people still weren’t there…so as Kali and I casually exchanged knowing glances in the front seat we decided a little trip to the church playground would be fun! So here was Plan C in full action! It involved Monkey Bars, some swings, and a tire swing. Many more details were laid out of course to keep her from noticing the car creeping up the hill with people walking behind it…but that’s a whole ‘nother story.

We had a fabulous time playing games and watching Joel grill. Memories were established and I hope it was a wonderful 18th birthday for a wonderful friend.
The Group!
The Birthday Girl
The Grill Man
Anna, Me, Linnea
The Three Amigos
“Found the Fruit Snacks!”
Kali and I doing our best at eating without manners.
Linnea, Maggie and Deborah mocking me with their straight backs….*sigh

Kali and I