A Blessing and a Lesson

Recently I wrote about my scholarship audition.  I found out about it kind of last minute and felt rather rushed to put the whole package together.  Especially since I had never done anything like this before!  It involved an audition, an essay, and much more.  My thoughts were, “There is NO way that I am going to receive this scholarship.  After all, I am not all that great at the piano (Comparitively) and part of my college is paid for.”   I knew that even though I most likely wouldn’t get the scholarship that it would be a good experience for me to perform in front of judges.  Let me tell you, it’s WAY different than playing for a recital!!

The Lord proved He can do anything when I received a letter last week telling me that I was to receive an honor or scholarship and wouldn’t find out what it was until the Honor’s Reception on April 28 (today).  I assumed that it was the scholarship but I wasn’t sure.  Tonight’s reception confirmed that I DID receive the Lillian McDearmid Music Scholarship!! Praise the Lord!!  It was for the amount of $600.  While that may seem like an insignificant amount, it truly helps in the long run.  For different reason I now have to readjust my plans for fall quarter but this is SUCH a blessing! The Lord has certainly taught me through this that I should not say “never”…He obviously knows what’s best even when I THINK I know what will happen. 🙂