A Blessing to Sing About

I had the most unusual blessing today, it was really cool. As most of you know I’ve been leading the singing for the little munchkins in Sunday School(1-6 grade). Well, today I got to lead the singing for the Big Munchkins for church(ages 5-99). My brain didn’t consider them little because as soon as I got to church it was telling me that I needed to be nervous. I have no problem leading the little kids, but for some reason I got nervous. It was still a awesome blessing to be asked to serve in this area. Maybe I will get some similar opportunities in the future to break me in 🙂 Okay, there are list of other blessings which I can identify and share, but for this time I will keep the blog brief. Have a Good Day my blogeaders (blog+reader+s(plural)) 🙂