A Christians Crisis… Determine the Will of God

It has been an amazingly busy week… I have been going to some meetings by Brother Martin about how to manage crisis situations. Specifically crisis which involve our missionaries. They’ve been great meetings, but they do make me get a little tired 🙂 The blessing I do have which I will share with you is not only for these meetings, but I also got hired to edit some more videos. God is good, I’ve been trying to come to some conclusions and the Lord is helping and this is one of the areas which the Lord has been helping me. Actually these meetings have revealed some truths from the Word of God that have been a help to me. Without going into much detail, I’ve learned a need to be prepared. Sometimes it hard to see exactly how those in the Bible conducted themselves and as I have been reading the Bible I’ve been trying to see how the people in the New Testament made the correct decisions in doing the Will of God. Through some of the verses I’ve seen I’ve noted and been pointed to quite a few times where preparation was done and in the midst they continued to look to God to make sure they were MOVING in the right direction. While they prepared then moved they were either allowed to go to that area or redirected by the Spirit of God. Okay, I’m writing off my phone guys so hopefully my grammar isn’t too bad. I need to go now and get some sleep, stay in the Word so that while you are moving you will go in the correct direction!