A Devoted Day: Scripture Writing

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Welcome to A Devoted Day! Here’s the part where I share the steps I’m taking Spiritually toward a closer walk with the Lord. And I will just add here in the beginning that I would love to hear of specific ways that the Lord has been challenging you as well! Often the Lord will use other people in my life to teach me and grow me.

Several years ago during my blogging as a single gal, I came across several posts from various other women who mentioned their habit of writing scripture. Don’t ask me to name those blogs because I can’t even remember! But…their posts made an impression on me and I realized what a good exercise that would be. You see…I’m a speedy reader. And if you are a speedy reader too then you know the problem that I have sometimes when I’m reading my Bible. Maybe you have this problem too! I find myself at times reading so quickly that I have to reread the passage to remember what it said. Sometimes I’m tempted to keep reading, but then what’s the point!

Writing the Scriptures by hand forces me to slow down and soak in His Word. Several years ago I started and wrote a book of the Bible…and a half. And then, because I didn’t keep up with it, my notebook was put back on the shelf. BUT, I have rediscovered said notebook and reinstated my goal of writing the Bible. And I am loving it! So far I am almost finished with my third book and I am learning so much. I find myself stopping to notice things in familiar passages that I’ve never noticed before! And…well…isn’t that the point of our devotion to God? To learn more about Him? To worship Him for who He is and to bow humbly before Him with a heart of thanksgiving? To have a heart that says, Search me, oh God!

Take small moments today to slow down. Look for ways to grow that you had not learned yesterday. I heard someone say before that if you are not moving forward for the Lord, you are moving backward. Profound thought! Let’s move forward today in our devotion to the Lord.

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