A Devoted Day: Who is your person?

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As we say goodbye to February, we also say goodbye¬†Missions Month at Lehigh Valley Baptist Church. It comes pretty close to being my favorite month of year. Inspiring men of God who tell of their unique mission field full of souls waiting to hear the truth. The tug of the Holy Spirit to send and be sent. The excitement at seeing how God is using our church to change lives all over the world. But what makes all of this possible? It isn’t a huge bank account. It isn’t a group of people who can speak many languages. It isn’t just a Pastor who is burdened for the lost. A church can have all of those things and still fail to pursue the great commission.

  • It takes unity.
  • It takes unity in a body of believers who have the same vision and burden to do something about the lost condition of our world.
  • It takes individuals who are willing to give up their comfortable spot at home to reach their neighbor.
  • It takes members who understand that our job to reach the lost is a privilege and a blessing.
  • It takes members who are willing to sacrifice time in prayer.

It’s easy to assume that the Great Commission applies only to foreign missions. After all, aren’t there millions across the seas that have never heard? YES! It is heart breaking to hear of the millions who have never even seen a Bible, let alone heard the truth of the gospel.

Instead of looking at the Google Earth picture, let’s look at Google Maps. Let’s go to your street, to your grocer, to your hair stylist. You might be surprised to learn how many of them have never heard this same gospel that the tribe in Africa has also missed out on. The difference is YOU! You carry with you a powerful message that has the ability to change lives. What will you do with it today?

Mark 16:15 And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

Neighbor, barber, customer, bus driver, barista…YOU know who YOUR person is!

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