A Fun Day!

Yup….it’s rainy season here in Thailand. And while it hasn’t rained much since I’ve been here today the season reared its head.  But…..I love it!  Pookie rolls her eyes as I get giddy with excitement at the heavy rain and the thunder. LOL!  This morning was nice and relaxing.  Slept in and did some things around the house before heading to the other side of Chiang Mai, the older part of the town.  We had a late lunch at a little German restaurant before heading to some bookstores and coffee at Starbucks.  Keep in mind, it’s raining……and as brilliant as we are we forgot umbrellas. 🙂 After much hesitation we dashed through the rain and it was actually a lot of fun!  We made it to Starbucks and I had to laugh as I walked in because it was FULL or farangs (foreigners).  Not one Thai person except the people who work there….oh and Pookie, but she doesn’t count. hehe 🙂  We took a lot of silly pictures and people must have thought we were strange, but I don’t care.

Then we headed to Duke’s for dinner.  A wonderful, scrumptuos American restaurant.  I had BBQ ribs (I’m beginning to drool again) and Pookie had some sort of garlic chicken pizza.  We have carrot cake waiting that we brought home but I am still too full to eat it. I want to savor every bite of course.

It was SUCH a fun day!  Here are some of the fun pics from today.

Walking in the rain….

Pookie trying to look unhappy as I drag her around in the rain. hahaa

Trying to make it look like an old picture where we don’t smile but I couldn’t seem to do it. LOL