A Glorious Thought

Please read Romans 8:37-39


Isn’t that such a glorious thought?

Absolutely nothing can seperate from the Love of Almighty God. I was
commenting to a friend that Facebook has over 100 million active users
and how in significant we are to that many people. Well, I got good
news for you we are not insignificant in Gods eyes. Jesus Christ is
not willing that any should perish, not a one. Christ desires for all
to come to repentance. If you have never recipicated Christ love to
you then I ask you to check out John 3:16 and learn more about the
great love wherewith he hath loved us. Another verse that struck me
yesterday night was this. Jesus sticks closer than a brother. Talk
about showing love toward us… Ponder that awesome thought of the
Love of God which was shown to use while we were yet sinners and which
is still shown to us every day!!!