A Great Find!

Holly season always presents difficulties for me.  It’s cold and it’s wet….right gear is essential!  For the past few years I have been without the right gear, making picking holly miserable!  This year, I was determined to be prepared in order to work more effiiciently!  Warm leather gloves, check! Warm jacket, check!  Boots, no check.  It has been SO hard to find the right boots.  Yeah I was pretty picky: inexpensive, warm, waterproof, and decent to wear with a skirt or my victorian caroling costume.  Can you say impossible?!  At least, so I thought.  The past few years I have not come across any boots fitting all of these descriptions. Today, however, I found some!  I drove to Burlington on a quest for boots, and I was determined to come back with some.  First stop was Ross, nothing.  Next stop, Famous Footwear.  Found some!  Only problem was they were $80! Yikes!  So I put them on hold thinking I would keep looking….and praying.  My next stop was the mall.  I prayed as I drove over that the Lord would give me a pair of boots that were cheaper because I am trying to save money right now.  The first store in the mall I stopped at was JcPennys.  TADA!  There they were….boots that were definitely waterproof, warm and fuzzy on the inside, and pretty stylish. AND the best part was that they were only $45!  I was thrilled!  The Lord certainly answered my prayer. Praise the Lord!  Now….boots, CHECK!