A Love/Hate Relationship

When you were little, did you ever say, “I hate school!”  I don’t know many kids who haven’t said that at some point of their childhood during a frustrating piece of homework. After taking a couple of years off after I graduated I started to really miss school. I missed the structure, the feeling of accomplishment when you’ve just made an A on a paper or a test. 

Well, here I am.  Week 3 of college and it’s a love/hate relationship.  Frustrations occur with certain subjects (ahem….Biology.  Diagramming a cell isn’t exactly thrilling.) , but others I just love! I would categorize English somewhere in the middle. 🙂  Yup…you guessed it.  The music classes I love!  Although, my choir teacher mentioned that tomorrow is “Fun Friday” and everyone groaned.  I guess I’ll find out why tomorrow! It’s been really fun to be on the singing end of the choir.  It’s taken some time to get back in the swing of things, but now I’m swinging!  Piano lessons are beyond amazing.  Not easy.  Don’t get me wrong.  It’s no walk in the park.  Let’s just say, I piano practiced for an hour and a half today and could have practiced for another hour!  I’ve learned so much in just three lessons!  Current projects are:  Sonata in G by Mozart, A Nocturne by Chopin and Maid With the Flaxen Hair by Debussy.  The first two I’ve been “working” on for about a year but she’s helping me completely revamp them.  The third one is new-ish.  I knew it before but….well you know.  That all changes when you get a good teacher. LOL 

So that’s what is new.  Between giving lessons, taking lessons, and practicing, music takes up a large part of my week.  But I absolutely love it and wouldn’t trade it for anything!   I am looking forward to a new opportunity presented to me.  I will be working in the church’s printing ministry and learning how to run the different printing machines and such.  It will be really neat to learn and I’m excited to be able to be useful!  Getting God’s Word and solid doctrinal literature out is SO important!  That’s one thing I’ve learned since being in this church. 

Until next time…