A Lovely Visit

[dropcapSmall]F[/dropcapSmall]For several months we’ve been counting down the days to Benjamin’s next visit to the western side of the country. Even though we both keep busy enough that time should be flying, the months seemed to crawl along as we awaited his visit.

It was definitely a happy week in the Hower house as my Dad arrived home from spending seven months in Bahrain with the Navy and then as Benjamin flew into town for a week long visit. Smiles were abundant and the laughing rarely stopped.

Benjamin flew in early Tuesday afternoon and we enjoyed a leisurely drive back to Whidbey. It’s funny how several months can move so slowly, yet seven days will fly by so quickly that you’re wondering if it was just a dream!  But we made the most of every moment together.  Friday night we joined the Singles Group of BBC and a few other folks to head down to Seattle for the Seattle Symphony’s performance of Handel’s Messiah. What a fun time!! The music was wonderful and we even had special box seats. Saturday included another concert, this time with the Fidalgo Youth Symphony which is the orchestra my brother, Christopher, plays the violin with. It was so neat to see the results of all the young people’s hard work and cheer Christopher on with his small solo! Quite a festive concert. The evening finished out with a couple’s fellowship at my house hosted by my parents.

As always, the time went by too quickly and we were both wishing for an extension. But it’s also exciting to see that the wedding date is so much closer than his last visit! We look forward to starting life together and serving the Lord side by side instead of from opposite sides of the country.

We hope you all have a Merry Christmas spent with loved ones and a very Happy New Year! We know WE certainly have a happy year ahead of us. 🙂