A New Life Together

After our week long honeymoon in Cancun, Mexico, we immediately jumped into finishing up our house. We hit the ground running! We were able to stay in the house our first day back, although it did feel a little like camping the first week or so. Now we can gladly report that the major projects are being finished up today! All that will be left is painting. A LOT. of painting. 🙂 All in good time.

The Monday after the wedding, my dad hauled my things in a UBox (kind of like a POD) to the UHaul location and had it shipped across the country. Modern day conveniences…without them we would be driving my things across the country. Not the way we wanted to spend our first week together. 🙂 My UBox arrived about a week and a half after we did and we scurried to receive my things. It was then that this beautiful house in Pennsylvania began to feel like home for me. Pictures of family, memories from the past and the comforts of home gave it a different feel.

We’ve settled into life as a new family quite nicely. Already we’ve been able to jump into ministries as a couple and are tackling projects left and right as a team. Tough jobs are so much easier to accomplish when you have your best friend there to help you laugh your way through! Such has been the case many times already. We can’t even begin to express our gratitude to the Lord and to our family and friends for helping us to establish ourselves in our new home. We are so excited to see where the Lord leads us down the road and how He’ll use us as we serve Him in ministry together.

Stay tuned for Before and After pictures of our new home!

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