A New Year, A New Phase

You’ve heard it said, “Out with the old, in with the new”. That explains my life right about now. First, I’ll take a look back. This year was one to remember! While it went by SOO fast, it’s incredible to look back at everything that happened. Memorable occasions were: The Sweetheart’s Banquet (we SPGs organized it), My birthday (turned 20!!), LTIA (Leadership Training Institute of America), Played the piano for a wedding for the first time, Youth Camp (I was a counselor over the younger girlies), a couple of adventures over the mountains with the Waldrons, attended several classical concerts, and welcomed my dad home from deployment. It was a great year! Not only did I experience things physically, but the Lord really grew me spiritually.

I’m moving into a new phase of my life. After I graduated the Lord showed me that I needed to just work and wait. Wait for Him to lead me into the next phase of my life. That next phase for me is college. This past Tuesday was my last day at work (more on that later) and I am officially unemployed. The Lord has directed my life into furthering my music education in order to better serve him in the future. While I am really looking forward to it, it’s scary to be making such a huge change. I have been veeeery comfortable, but now all that will change. School starts on Monday!

It’s a bittersweet experience to be leaving A Knot In Thyme. I’ve worked there for 2 1/2 years and have gained such valuable experience as a result. My main job title was Garden Manager, but it went much beyond that. I was pretty much whatever I needed to be even aside from the gardens. 🙂 It was fun to learn practical things like fence and wall painting, transplanting, every day and not so everyday gardening techniques, holly pruning & picking and more! It was always challenging to learn about the 100’s of plant types as we planted the seeds in the spring and nurtured them from there. Challenging, but really fun! I say it’s bittersweet because while I will miss the job, I am looking forward to this new experience. I will also enjoy having free Saturdays. 🙂
On one of our busiest days of the year, I lost my voice and couldn’t sing. So my job was to help the kids transplant and it was SO much fun!
The Quilted Garden…..one of the many gardens at AKIT
The Vertical Garden

Back to New Years, we drove over the mountains this past week to pay a visit to the Waldrons. Last time we visited my dad was on deployment so it was great for him to be able to come with us this time! We had a blast! We played so many games….some of which I schooled my opponent, and others in which I was schooled. LOL New Years Eve was spent at the Watchnight Service here at BBC where we had two different PITs (preachers in training) preach, a Bible quiz, a “year in review” slide show, lots of singing, food & fellowship, and prayer. To actually ring in the New Year I did a video chat with the Waldrons. Can’t break tradition! Every year since we’ve moved back we’ve spent New Years Eve at their house. Sad to not be able to do that this year. I am SUPER excited at what this new year will bring. I have a pretty big plan in view, but that can’t be disclosed quite yet. I hope that each of you have a year filled with God’s blessings!