A Presentation for my Pal

The Lord has been so good to me and has gifted me with the ability to do video editing. I’ve been able to utilize this talent many times at my church (Lehigh Valley Baptist Church) in different ways. Recently my friend Nat Williams has needed to produce a video to take with him to different churches as he raises the support he needs to begin reaching out with the gospel in Thailand and Burma. Since Nat has had experience with producing other videos with me, he knew what needed to be done in order to get the ball rolling. This truly was a blessing since my plate has certainly been full recently. =)

It appeared at first that this project would be completed without a hitch as both Nat and I worked hard at keeping the wheels rolling. However, as I should always anticipate, the devil threw a stick into spokes by causing my editing suite to reject rendering out the finalized project into the proper format. I was up late that night using LogMeIn to remote desktop into my system and try different bit rates, codecs, containers, and who knows what else. Can you guess what the result was….? Yup, your right, it didn’t work =) Well, now at the point I’m not only frustrated, but beginning to panic to myself because I needed to have the video on Sunday and here it is Friday night and absolutely nothing is rendering out properly! So the thought came to me… render it RAW! So off to my desktop I went, selected ProRes 422 HQ and hit render and TADA within 30 minutes or so I had a 17 GB file on my desktop with the entire 10minute 1080P project rendered out! Now I knew that file was something I could work surely work with, LOL. So I thought… That file I believe had something against me… though I tried rendering out in a few more formats in SD and HD resolution it still rejected all of them. To make a long story short, I did figure out an alternate method and was able to produce a 720p MOV format video which worked perfectly for what I needed. Praise the Lord!

Now you can watch this video on your computer with the link below! Enjoy the video and Pray for Nat & Anne as they make preparation to leave and spread the glorious news, the Gospel!