A Privilege To Preach

Hey there, once again I have another blessing to post. I had a great
opportunity to preach the Word at my church. Two of my other friends
also preached too! From what I heard it has been a blessing to quite a
few of the brethren.

Blessing #2
On Saturday my family and I went to Country Meadows Nursing Home and
song songs and played music for an hour and then handed out our
testimony tracks afterwards. We had a good opportunity to speak to
quite a few of the people and we were invited back again to the next
building. The people in the other building are completely independent
so that may be even more of an open door to speak to people about Christ

Blessing #3
Right now my family and I are enjoying a calm ride down to my cousins
graduation party. Unfortunately my brother Titus got sick during the
night so he is at home. Poor guy. We are listening to a message by
S.M. Davis. He just used a great illustration about a guy who kept
answering a young mans question about how to preach by saying… “Is
There A Hell” That is a powerful question. How often that thought
could change the decisions you are about to make, mainly I am
referring to the issue of soul winning. Bro. Davis is a awesome
preacher. It is a blessing to listen to his messages.

I thought for sure I had one other blessing to list, but its slipping
my mind right now. Thank you for reading my blog. I hope that I have
some things that are a blessing to you too! Have a Happy Memorial Day!
Don’t forget about our soldiers.