A Snow Day?!?

Most people around the country right now are sick of looking at snow. Dirty snow that’s been plowed more than once and has refrozen even more. I know how you people feel! However, here in my neck of the woods, we enjoy getting a few flakes now and then. This morning, this is what I woke up to! Beeeeautiful!
I woke up at normal time, looked out my window, then went back to bed. School was canceled! YAY!!! I got a few extra hours of sleep which was great since we got home from the concert so late last night. My first thoughts were, “Now I can take this time to get extra school done!” Did I do that? Well….no. Not exactly. I decided I would let myself have a little down time and watch a movie. It was nice to just relax today. Yes….I did school work as well. Speaking of which, I just registered for classes yesterday, and the Lord worked it out where this next quarter I will only have to commute one day a week instead of three! PTL! I should be able to really save my gas money now. Having to fill up my tank more than once a week is really starting to add up! :-/ Especially with gas prices the way they are right now. Hoping for more snow tonight. I still think the Mainers brought it with them. 🙂