A Video About Faith That Stretched My Faith

This past Saturday (March 2, 2013) I attempted a video style and resolution format I had never expected I could do. I enjoy doing new things, and when Pastor Roland asked me to create a video to show for LVBC’s mission banquet that would give our people a perspective of what God has been able to do through them, the wheels in my head began to turn. I wanted to create a video that would inspire, motivate and excite people to continue or become a part in how God was using our church.

The thought that sparked my thinking about having three screens was when Pastor Roland shared a story of how Esther was baffeled that the same image was two screens on two different walls. I then laughed in my head at the thought of how funny it would be to have a video going back and forth between two walls, and then it hit me that we still had the screen in the middle of the auditorium from the previous projector. I immediately began my research and discovered that for just a few bucks on ebay for connections, our apple tv, and the use of my brothers laptop I could pull off showing a video on all three screens. After testing and knocking out a couple major hiccups out of the way I loaded a blank 3072 x 720 template screen in After Effects and dove into working on it and inspite of a nasty sickness, a trip Washington to my Fianc├ę , developing and filming a teenage feature movie, and many other projects along the way, the video was ready to show.

I’ll be creating a short video down the road just to show some of the geeky people the gruesome details of what went on to make this video a reality. I think you already knew that wasn’t as easy as it looked ­čÖé

A Big Thank you to all these people who had a part in this video:

Thank you for…

[ul style=”7″] [li]Amy Rupert – … laboring to find all the archived giving data and other information[/li] [li]Barb Davies – … for uncovering all the Bible Correspondence statistics [/li] [li] Brian Fetterman – … for creating and sending his Faith Promise cover art for the ending [/li] [li]Chris Gable┬á– … for locating the archived videos of sent missionaries and writing the section of the script about the large giving outreaches of our church[/li] [li]Hope Brooks – … sketching the creative pictures for the opening and closing of the video[/li] [li]Jon Hammett – … for his MAJOR help in many areas starting with digitizing and photoshopping of Hopes images so we could colorize them and then animate and then locating all the map outlines and adding sound effects to the entire video[/li] [li]Nat Williams – …for his help in contacting the right people to obtain all the images for large giving outreaches of our church[/li] [li]┬áNina Hall… for her INCREIBLE work in orchestrating the entire video and working with me to write up a script from scratch. This video wouldn’t have been possible without her[/li] [li]Titus Hall … for allowing me to use his powerful laptop to show the video on all three screens and being available for the whole testing process as well[/li] [/ul]

Click play below to watch this video. Click on HD to see in higher quality

(Video may take a minute to load)