A Visit From Maine!

This week some friends arrived from beloved Maine. It’s been years since we’ve seen them and we were thrilled to share with them what Whidbey is all about! After giving them some time to catch up from jet lag, we jumped right into sight seeing. Yesterday while Brittany and I went to classes (music classes so they were more fun than English) the others went to Friday Harbor to enjoy the sights there. According to the weatherman, we were going to get rain/snow. “Great!” I thought. “These poor Mainers are trying to get away from the snow and they’ll come here and get more!” But it turned out to be beeaautiful!!! The sun was shining and the sky was clear. Today was no different. It almost felt like it could be *gasp* spring! Today we took them to Mt. Eerie to the lookout and it was incredible! I forgot how beautiful it is up there. Then we went to Deception Pass (of course) and the beauty was breathtaking. By the time we hiked the bridge we were ready for lunch so we drove down the beach area. After much searching we finally found a nice (non windy) spot to have a picnic. The rest of the day was pretty relaxing, and as I sit here pondering the day I become more grateful for such friends as these.
Beautiful Deception Pass bridge

The Hower Family (minus Josh and Chris)Picnic LunchThe first sign of spring!Brittany and IChris and Angela