Accountability is Great

Last year Bro. Ronnie (our Assistant Pastor) started the church on a memorization program which really took off. This year my partner has been Mr. Forro. I’ve got to say he has been really encouraging with his faithfulness in keeping me accountable and also staying on track and ahead of the verses himself. Tonight he just quoted to me the next verse which is due in two weeks 🙂 and after he quoted it to me we both got into a great discussion about how the word of God is so powerful and important in our life. We started talking about the message and how the Word has been used in our own life. I haven’t really got to know Mr. Forro very much until this time and I’ve got to say since he has been saved (which wasn’t that long ago) he has been a new man. Praise the Lord for how he works in us sinners.

That is my blessing for today. I hope that you all find an accountability partner (if you haven’t already) and encourage him or her today in the Word, memorize the Word together, and exhort one another to be prepared for the Lord’s return.

Praising the Lord,