Adoniram Judson And His Call

The book “To the Golden Shore” is great. I love to read about the ambition that Judson had to reach those that were lost. It is so great to see how God worked on his life and in the lives of his friends who also wanted to go to the Orient. In the chapters I read this morning I read about Adoniram’s call and when the Lord laid it on his heart. He came back to his parents and he didn’t want to share his calling just yet because he knew that it would be hard for them to take. He didn’t realize how hard it would be until they revealed their secret to him a couple days after his return. His parents were so excited to tell him that he was asked to be the assistant Pastor of one of the largest churches and his mother added that he would also be close to home. The book said that his Dad had hopes that Adoniram would be the pastor of the Largest church and be like other great preachers of that time. The pressure on Adoniram was so heavy as he shared with them his secret how he felt that the Lord had called him not to be a preacher of a large church, but a missionary, and not just a missionary to a nearby area, but across the world (to Burma) where no missionaries he knew of had gone.

Though his mother, sister and father were greatly disappointed in this new revelation he knew God had led him to that decision and he set his course. As I continued to read God continued to open the doors…

The book is really exciting to me =)