Almost finished Another Website

Today was quite a busy day, but I’m laying in bed now with a
comforting feeling of having got a lot done. One of the biggest project
blessings was the goal of completing a website for someone. I’ve
learned so much through this web project, I feel a lot more confident
in building websites and have some plugins which I now know work and I
can use on future projects. Once the website is complete I’ll pass the
link along. Sorry that the blessing wasn’t so intriguing. God has been
good though and I don’t want to go through life missing all the little
blessings while in search for the “Big” ones. I want to be able to
look at this blog in the future and realize how much God has done for
When you realize how much God has done for you, you will want to serve
Him so much more. However, if you forget what God has done for you
then you difficulties will become easy to see and you will start
blaming God. Remember Israel