An AMAZING night!

Last night had to have been some of the best few hours of my life thus far! Myself and a couple of friends went to Seattle for a girl’s night out. I guess you could say the theme was Asia. 🙂 We ate dinner at Benihana’s. That place is amazing! Basically, you sit around a table that is mostly a Habachi grill and the chef, with his incredible knife skills, grills your food right there in front of you! It was so fun to watch and the food was DElicious!

Then, we were all giddy with excitement as we drove few blocks further to watch Lang Lang (pronounced Long-Long) perform at Benaroya Hall!! I had been waiting for this night for a LONG time! He was basically a child prodigy. He began playing at age 3 and by the time he was 5 he had put on his first recital. His stardom began at age 17. His music is beyond amazing. Not only are the notes beautiful, but the music comes from his entire being. It’s as if he IS an extention of the music and the piano. I could not stop smiling as he began to play. This was like a dream come true! He was actually very amusing to watch. Sometimes if his right hand was playing he would direct himself with his left hand. haha! After an AMAZING performance, the crowd (including me) cheered like crazy. And he gave us an encore! I was so excited! So of course, we all immediately sat down. I was thrilled when he said he was going to play a Chopin Etude. I love Chopin! After this shorter piece (compared to all the others anyway!) the crowd went wild! Seriously, my arms were turning red from clapping so much! 🙂 After MUCH bowing, he finally decided to play ANOTHER!!! YAY!!! I was SOOO glad! It was another AMAZING Chopin piece. (I just realize how many caps I am using in this post but that barely scratches the surface with how excited I was! Still am actually!) It was a night I will NEVER ever forget. You just can’t understand by my description, so I posted a video that I hope will help you see just what I am talking about. His expression and interpretation of the music is like nothing I have ever seen or heard. I hope you enjoy it.

Lang Lang playing Chopin Etude Op. 10 No. 3 in E Major at the Berlin Philharmonic.