An Exciting Summer!

I have already mentioned this to some of you, but I wanted to make an official announcement that I will be going to Thailand this summer to help the Gaudets in their ministry! The Lord laid it on my heart and my church’s heart to send me there for a few months. Here’s the story:

Last October we had our Missions Month here at Bible Baptist Church. The Lord really began to open my eyes through the preaching and did a work in my heart. I began to really examine myself. Am I truly willing to do whatEVER is required? If He would have me to marry a preacher or a missionary, would I be willing to go to a field that is “inconvenient”? Away from family and away from the American culture that I love? Would I be willing right NOW to do something in the area of missions? You see, the Lord had already been preparing me even before missions month. I knew that this coming up summer would be my “last summer” before I really dug into working full time and all that. So I thought instead of getting a job for a few months in the summer I will take the summer “off” so to speak and use it for ministry/fun. ie. HWY 20 project, Youth Camp, spending some time with the Waldrons, spending time with family, visiting Maine. All these grand and glorious plans were swirling around in my head. The Lord then began to plant the seed in my heart of giving my “free summer” to a missions trip. Afterall, at this time in my life I am free and available to be used. I’m single, I don’t have a job to tie me down, there are people at the church that could pick up the piano playing.

I went to Pastor with my new excitement and he assured me that there would be opportunities some time this summer for me to be involved on some sort of missions trip. That all took place at the beginning of the month. At some time during that month Bro. Gaudet came and presented his ministry. I had heard him before, but this time it was with a different perspective. He began to tell of the unique ministry they have there in Thailand and I was so intrigued! What a fascinating ministry! Translating, printing, etc. I thought of how much I would love to go to Thailand to help with that ministry. But I didn’t mention it to anyone. I didn’t want to “tell the Lord what to do”. I thought, if it’s His will, Pastor will know.

TADA! Not too long after that, Pastor approached me with the option of going to Thailand to help the Gaudets. 😀 I love how the Lord is so clear in His direction. I will be leaving a few days after school lets out for the summer and will arrive back in just enough time to recover before school resumes. 🙂 So….about three months. I am SO excited at the opportunities the Lord has for me this summer. Not only am I expecting to learn A LOT and to gain a better understanding of the mission field, but I am excited to go there and be used in such a way.