An “Off-Island” Adventure.

The Lord surprised Whidbey Island with a bit of snow on Monday. They said it was going to be a bad winter, but snow before Thanksgiving?! Originally they said it WAS going to snow, then they said it wasn’t. (I think they were confused) BUT it did snow and no one was prepared for it. Going back a few days, Anna and I had decided that we would go shopping off-island on Monday (our day off) to find some accessories for our dresses for when the SPGs go see Handel’s Messiah. I know that sounds silly, but I needed some shoes and Anna needed a shawl and earrings and stuff like that is just hard to find here on the island. So off we went! We chose to take Anna’s car since it was a 4WD JUST IN CASE it snowed. We stopped off at Whidbey Coffee (of course) on our way out of town, and as we were inside the flurries started to become larger flakes. It won’t stick I thought.

We headed out of town with the peace of mind that it rarely sticks on Whidbey and it would look like it never snowed when we got back. The snow was beautiful. We drove to Burlington, which had some snow, but not tons. We had a successful shopping experience and were just about to finish up when we got…the CALL. Anna’s brother had called to tell us that the bridge to get to Whidbey was shut down!!! Apparently there had been a few spinouts and the traffic was so backed up the snowplows couldn’t get through. Needless to say, the snow had stuck and there were several inches of snow on the ground. Now those who get regular dumps of snow are probably laughing at our mere inches, but keep in mind that people around here are not accustomed to such road conditions. It doesn’t get cleared up very fast so it’s pretty dangerous. Not to mention people don’t know how to drive in the snow.
So Anna and I decided to spend a little more time in Burlington. Doing what, you ask? Well, shopping of course! 🙂 What better way is there to kill time? hehe After a couple of hours we decided to head back to see how traffic fared. As we got closer we saw the end of the traffic line…at a spot that was normally about a 20-25 minute DRIVE from Whidbey! What a dilemma. We certainly were not going home that night. No way! We would have spent ALL night in the car in traffic. We did however think ahead and buy supplies at Target just in case we were going to be spending some time in the car. After talking to our parents, we decided that a hotel was the best idea. So we drove all the way BACK to Mt. Vernon and found a nice warm, SAFE room to sleep. We were wiped out. Not from shopping. Oh no! From all the driving. You may be thinking that we were totally stressed and crying for our mommies and for fluffy pillows. No! We were laughing the WHOLE time! It wasn’t necessarily fun…but it was funny! It was a laugh that means This is so amusing! How did this EVER happen?! There is no way we could have seen it coming (remember, they weren’t forecasting snow!) but Pastor’s recent message about worry kept coming to mind and I KNEW that the Lord was looking out for us. Praise the Lord for people back on the Island who knew what to do and were helping us out. We would have been totally lost without them. So….another adventure gets put in the book and it’s a time I will never forget. We had lots of laughs. I am curious to see where I get stuck next…

We went through lots and lots of coffee. teehee

This is our “Essentials Kit”. We needed a little more than Food, Shelter and Love to get us through over night in a hotel..with nothing…but the clothes on our backs….and new earrings and fuzzy socks…(sigh)