An Official Farewell

Two of my closest friends have now “officially” made their way across the mountains with their family to start a church.  Although this is a sad time for me (selfish, I know) I am SO thrilled at what the Lord has in store for their family.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, I will explain the Highway 20 project.  Several years ago, our previous Pastor, Pastor Jeremiah (he was led by the Lord to pastor a church down in Texas), realized the burden to reach the lost along Highway 20.  Highway 20 stretches from the southern most end of our island all the way over the mountains into Okanogan.  The goal was to go into each and every town along HWY 20 and to offer Bible studies and share the gospel.  After two years of doing this, the Lord made it very clear which towns needed churches.  There were some that were so cold to the gospel so we “shook the dust off our feet” and moved to the next town that was hungry.  Destination: Twisp!  We have seen so much hunger in that little town and the Lord directed us to put our focus there.  The Waldrons and the Majors were appointed by the Lord and by BBC to be our evangelistic team.

Maggie and Kali have been like sisters to me, especially in the past year or two.  Through various situations we have become really close!!  I praise the Lord for giving me such wonderful friends who I KNOW I can rely on and who I can just share my heart with.  You don’t get that every day, that’s for sure. 🙂 I will miss them immensely, but I plan to make plenty of trips over the mountains. 🙂