Watch Your Tone!

Did your mother ever tell you to watch your tone? You know…it’s not WHAT you say but HOW you say it? Well that has taken on a whole new meaning since we’ve started learning Thai! It’s a tonal language. So almost every word could be said many different ways and have different meaning depending on the tone of voice you … Read More

Come On a Walk With Us!

It’s cool season here in Thailand. Mae Sai is just beautiful with it’s lush green rice fields and the mountains in the near distance. Now is the time to go on walks before hot season arrives, which will be soon! So we invite you to come on a walk through our neighborhood while we show you what a walk looks … Read More

Consider the Ant

Who knew ants could teach you character?! Since arriving in Thailand we’ve experienced some super amazing things (mmm…coffee! Grown right in the mountains by our house!) and some not so amazing things. One of the creatures insistent on sharing a home with us is the ant. They’re small ants. Not big enough to have the satisfaction of squishing them. But … Read More

My View

There are a lot of new views for us lately. The country of Thailand is beautiful! The lush green rice fields, the mountains close to our town, and the spectacular sunsets all wait for our eyes to soak them in. So different from Pennsylvania, which is experiencing winter at this time. As I sit in my living room area and … Read More

First Week in Thailand

Things here in Mae Sai are proving to be an adventure! We arrived at 1am Thai time on Friday night (Saturday morning?) and were greeted by the whole Williams family! Paul and Ellie were determined not to miss the airplane.