Back to Theory

It’s been years that I’ve been hanging around music. I started with a piano, moved to a trumpet, started blowing the ocarina then picked up the mountain dulcimer which brought me to the guitar, and ended with a few harp lessons…. and in the back of my mind I thought that would be the last instrument. Well, as you guessed that wasn’t the end. The Lord seemed to find it funny to move me on to another instrument, handbells. The reason I find this funny is because I actually have a very difficult time following along with handbell music. There are so many notes in a single bar of handbell music which makes it hard for me to follow, but thankfully I don’t’ have to play it. I just have to lead it :-).  Lol, I can’t say leading handbells ever crossed my mind as something I would ever be capable of doing, but I believe it was the Lord who laid it on Mr. Angers mind to ask me to fill Bro. Nat Williams position as handbell director since he is leaving for Thailand.

These last few weeks I’ve been working hard at leading handbells for two groups, 7-8th graders for church and local music programs and 9-12th graders for the Illinois competition.  I’ve never had to work so hard at music theory in my life. Teachers definitely learn more than the students. Many of the 7-8th grade teens haven’t ever learned how to count music which has made it very difficult. One day I pulled all ten of them aside and did my best to explain 3/4 timing in our song, lol, ya I bet you can image what that looked like. You can see my diagram on the right. Thankfully they did a wonderful job on their assignment to write in the timing for the first page of their music which made me glad that maybe I was doing something right! 🙂

The competition piece for Illinios is a little challenging, but they are doing good, so hopefully everyone there will enjoy it. I’ve attached the song I did with the “PA group” just a couple weeks ago. I had Selena record it and it was funny because you can see me telling them to not speed ahead while I was directing. I believe it was very distracting for them to have all the little kids running up to give their offering. Anyway, I’ll update you all later when I direct the Illinois group this upcoming Sunday!