Baptist Blessing

As I said in my last couple blogs, I was just recently at a Baptist Preachers Meeting in Missouri and it was phenomenal. I am very thankful for my Pastor and other men organizing this event. We were asked to share a short blessing to the rest of the church and so I got some of my thoughts together and focused on one area which I felt was a good thought to consider…..I will say one thing though the more I grow, the more there are things to learn. It doesn’t stop. Obey what you know in scripture and continue on Growing. If you keep learning then it becomes depressing because you see so much you need to change. Follow in the light….one step at a time. Follow, don’t wait and try to catch up…

Okay, well here is the testimony I shared with everyone…

God will Done Gods way will reap God’s Rewards

Out of the 33 or so excellent messages I heard, the greatest lesson I learned was at a lunch table with Pastor Norwood. The lesson he taught which made an impact on me was this, Gods Will Done God way will reap Gods rewards.
Pastor has taught this truth many times, but speaking to this man reinforced a very important truth. As I saw from the missions section of the conference, it is very easy to do things the way man thinks they should be done.

This concept of doing God’s Will Gods way is not only for missions, but as I thought about it, it can be applied in every area of life. It is easy to skip Gods method when you know Gods way. This is a problem.

Here are some illustrations I’ve thought about in the Word of God.
Cain, Was it Gods will to offer the Sacrifice? Yes, did he do it Gods way? No…

Moses, when he hit the rock, Was it the will of God to get water to his people? Yes, did he do Gods way? No…

How about when Samuel chose David for King? Was it Gods will for Israel to Have a King? Yes, Did he do it Gods way? Yes!

How about Boaz, Was it Gods will for him to be married? Yes, Did he wait for Ruth and do things Gods way? Yes

I can tell you many more biblical examples…
There are rewards for those who do things Gods way, and there are punishments for those who do not!

Now for the area of missions which we were taught about…
Have we not been told to send out men as missionaries? Yes…How did Jesus do it?
– A. Did he start a board? No
– B. Did the local, visible church he started send men out? Yes

How about Evangelism, Does Jesus want men trained for the ministry? Yes
– A. Did Jesus save a person and leave him as a new babe in Christ… or
– B. Did Jesus save men, and train men to lead others to salvation as well….continuing the cycle…

To me it was a great encouragement to see how God really blessed the discipleship and church planting ministry by Brother Milton Martin when he applied these principles.

This is the lesson which I’ve learned this week, just knowing the will of God is not enough, I need to do Gods will in Gods way to be blessed.