BBC Missions Conference 2012

Thailand, Australia, Africa, Mexico, the Philippines….Bible Baptist Church has the privilege of meeting so many missionaries to various countries. As I watch their presentations and hear their stories it makes me feel as if I am right there on the field with them. In a way, I am working alongside them as I help support them financially and with prayer.

The Missions Conference is the highlight of the year at Bible Baptist Church. Being a church with a heartbeat for  missions it has played a key role in how the Lord directs us to give, pray, and go. While it always affects the church as a whole, it certainly has a special place in my heart. Several years ago it was during our missions conference that the Lord began working in my heart regarding missions. I had always had an interest in what our missionaries were involved with but in my heart and mind I considered it something better suited for others to handle. In 2010 our missions conference lasted an entire month and we were able to hear from multiple evangelists to many countries. The very first night the Lord began tugging on my heart and began to show me that He could make me a vessel “meet for the master’s use” if I would just allow Him to use me. I was a little unsure how the Lord COULD use me, a young lady with little to no experience. But I decided that it didn’t matter how I thought the Lord would use me. It only mattered that I put my life in His hands and allow Him to use me in whatever way He saw fit. I approached my Pastor with a willing heart to go anywhere to help any missionaries wherever the Lord might direct. After much prayer and consideration the Lord led me to assist some missionaries in Thailand which began a continued work in my heart in the area of missions. Little did I know how the Lord was preparing me for a future as a preacher’s wife.

This year we had the honor of welcoming Bro. Feliciano Bernardo from the Philippines. The Walleys, our missionaries to the Philippines, led Bro. Bernardo to the Lord in 1967 and since then the Lord has used him to win many souls. In his testimony he tells of his life before salvation and the plans he had laid out for success in his own life. He praises the Lord for a willing American who came to his country and shared with him the good news of salvation. How incredible to be able to meet in person the fruit of ministry on a foreign field! The theme verse of our conference was Psalm 67:2, “That thy way may be known upon earth, thy saving health among all nations.” We have a mission as a church and as individuals and that is to win lost souls to Christ here and around the world. Bro. Bernardo shared some wonderful messages from God’s Word directing our focus to that mission. I am so excited to see where the Lord leads Bible Baptist in the coming year in the area of missions and where he directs our life as a couple regarding missions in the future.