Blogging from Hong Kong

It’s hard to believe it’s been a month. A MONTH! The time sure went fast.

The Lord has been so kind to have given me this trip. Going on
this trip has encouraged the burden the Lord has put on my heart to be
a missionary. Nat and Bro. Tom have been a blessing to me as I’ve had
some good Biblical conversations with them. It is always a blessing to
me to be able to spiritual conversations with people who I know have a
priority to walk with the Lord. This past Sunday ‘by accident’ I ended
up going with Bro. Lange, David and some other guys to a Nepalese
church. I was able to play the guitar with Nat and Bro. Nadaskay and
then Bro. Lange preached a salvation message. I am looking forward to
seeing what is going to happen with their desire to see a church
I’m on the plane to Hong Kong now and the Lord has given me a good
flight so far. Just had a good cup of coffee and am enjoying a very
nice seat. I can see first class right through the curtain 🙂 hehe.
Nooooo, I’m not jealous, I’m just being thankful I am toward the front
of the plane and not all the way in the back. 🙂 It surprised me when
I got on the plane that I only had to walk a few steps and then my
seat was smack in front of me.
It was sad to see my friends see me off. It was really sweet of them
all to give up a few hours in order to see me off. Bro. Tom has been
an excellent example of giving of his time. He didn’t have to do
anything for me, but he willingly drove me around to any place I
needed to get to and believe me, it is not easy or quick getting
through Bangkok. Bro. Tom said he hasn’t had to drive through New
York. I haven’t driven through Bangkok or New York, but to me the
traffic and driving in Bangkok would be so much harder to deal with
than NY. Bro. Gaudet
Well, I just heard the announcement that I need to packup my laptop
because we will be landing soon. I look forward to seeing my family
soon and also seeing my church family. Thank you to everyone that has
been praying for me because your prayers mean sooooo much to me and
the only reason this trip was so successful was because of the prayers