Book Review: Preparing To Be A Help Meet

My mom ordered me this book and I had heard good reviews so I was excited to read it.  Since the author is Debi Pearl it is advisable to read with caution.  Take everything with a grain of salt. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and she had some very good things to say about preparing for marriage. 

Most of the information I have heard and that’s the privilege I have had with being raised in a Christian home.  There were, however, a lot of good reminders and really helped me to refocus.  There are so many important things to understand BEFORE marriage and I think this book was very helpful.  I recommend it for single women but, again, I caution against taking everything she says about relationships at face value.  The most valuable aspect of this book for me was the preparation within ourselves for marriage.  The key point she made that I found really helpful was this:  if you want to marry the right kind of guy you need to be the right kind of young lady.  I can’t expect to marry a godly man if I am not taking the necessary steps to be a godly young lady. Anyway, I really enjoyed the book and in fact read it pretty much in one sitting.  That may have had something to do with the fact that I didn’t want it distracting me from school the next day. haha Overall, definitely a useful book.