Botswana and Birthdays

I can’t believe I’m actually doing this, but I am 🙂 I am actually going to Botswana…. and I’m not the only one going. Titus will also be going with me. The decision for Titus to go was only made this past Sunday and wow, I needed to get going then on planning plane tickets and organizing some projects Titus has been helping me on. I just bought the tickets today so now it’s official.

On top of this I am also working on a couple iPhone projects as an investment since my other iPhone app is going very well. I am trying to wrap those applications up and have them live before I leave. It’s been quite busy needless to say. I just praise the Lord that he is helping me keep my head above water and enjoy the ride 🙂

Also, I am moving right along with my book about Adoniram Judson and I gotta say it’s really keeping my attention and I’m learning a lot about him.

Also, my Thai friend Berm has a Birthday today and so I just wanted to shout out or blog out a special Happy Birthday to him 🙂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY BERM!!! =)


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  1. >Have a great trip and thanks a lot, Ben. May the Lord guide you and be with you in everything you do.

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