Building Anticipation for 2013

I can’t say I’ve ever been so excited about a new year beginning as I am about this year. At the start of last year (2012) I had no idea where the Lord would lead upon my visit to Washington and it was only this month last year that the Lord opened the door for me to visit through Pastor Rolands preaching for a conference at Pastor Sargents church. As I make plans to purchase a house, prepare for our honeymoon and other fun stuff I am reminded through this past year that waiting upon the Lord and simply following him as he leads produces the best results. Alyssa and I are still praying for the Lord to direct us to the right home and the Lord has opened some doors and closed some doors 😉 We know the Lord has the right house for the right time and with that in mind it has made the process of waiting more exciting.

BTW! The picture I included above is what my house looked like leading up to midnight before the new year. It was an exciting evening of prayer, Bible reading, singing, games, fellowship and then finally watching the ball drop in time square on our television. It was lots of fun and I’m so glad many friends were able to come and share in the excitement. I hope that everyone else out there also got their new year started off right and are looking forward to the Lord’s leading!

Happy New Year!