Camp Commitment II

After a week of recovery from all of the events I finally have time to write about camp.  And what an amazing camp it was!  I just hope I can remember all the details. 🙂

This is the third year that Bible Baptist Church has done it’s own camp.  This year we were hosted by Bibleway Camp, close to Mt. Baker.  The facilities were beautiful!  A lovely lodge for the ladies, a beautiful chapel and a quaint little pond with Mt. Baker in the background were just a few of the delights. 

This year I was asked to be a counselor over the Junior Girls (ages 9-12) and we had a blast!  Monday started off with arrival at camp.  We were given plenty of time to settle in then explore the grounds.  They were quite extensive so it was fun to see what was “over the hill and through the woods”. 🙂  After a game of softball we enjoyed a delicious dinner provided by the camp hosts.  The evening message was great.  He asked the question “Where Are You?” forcing each of us to examine ourselves in our walk with the Lord.  I was really blessed to see how the Lord was already working in hearts due to the tenderness in the campers. (The week’s preaching was brought by Bro. Chris Gable.)

Tuesday was jam-packed full of activities from Capture the Flag, Cabin Games, and Relay Races.  Whew!  I got tired just watching the kids! :-p  The day started off with a Mountain Run….and I do mean MOUNTAIN!  At 7 am we all met at the bottom of the trail…..the trail that constantly went up!  It WAS a race…but I wasn’t racing. lol  Christopher got first place out of all the campers with a fast 6 minutes and something seconds.  YAY!  Go team Honest! (I have to say that I was a ban-wagon team mate.  I had campers on both teams so I always cheered for the winning team.  Hey! Wouldn’t you do the same?? hehe )

Wednesday was our second full day at camp.  After grabbing a hot Caramel Machiatto (graciously made available by the camp host) I took my campers off to chapel.  The Question for this morning message was “What’s stopping you?”  The answer could be….Partial Commitment!  Great message!  After lunch we played more Cabin Games (which involved things such as Target Shooting, Ping Pong, Volleyball, Bolo Ball, and others) and had a pie eating contest.  In order to encourage my girls to get involved, I did participate in this contest.  To my shame, I came in second!

The Wednesday evening service was perhaps the most memorable.  The Question was “What’s Your Problem?”  Bro. Gable brought out in the message that if you aren’t saved it’s not God’s problem, it’s yours.  Immediately, when the invitation started, campers were flocking to the altar.  I couldn’t hold back the tears as I saw young people being taken out to be dealt with.  Even after the first three, I knew it wasn’t over!  We dismissed and started to head back to our cabins and the Lord was STILL working!  That night, we had a total of 9 campers get saved!  Praise the Lord!  It was so obvious that the Lord was working, and it was by nothing we had done. One of the most encouraging things was to see campers standing all around in groups praying for those being dealt with. By about 10:30 we concluded that we should have another service.  It was during this service that a camper tugged on my arm and asked to talk to me.  She too accepted Christ!  Never have I seen the Lord work in such a wonderful way!  It was a major faith builder and I look forward to seeing how the Lord continues to change lives.  By 11:30 we officially headed to bed….well the campers….we counselors still had to tally up scores from the week’s competitions….however, the scores didn’t seem to matter anymore.  In fact, no one had even touched the campfire that had been started during the first service.  Everyone had a diffferent focus.

On Thursday morning we were all wiped out from the evening before, but very much alive by what the Lord had done!  Mr. K got up to announce the winning team….and no one even cheered.  A stark contrast from the last two years!  After announcing the scores, he said “and the winner is….the Lord.”  Everyone said “AMEN!”

Praise the Lord for His mighty hand working in so many lives that week!  Please pray for these nine souls.  We have established a discipleship program for them, and it is my prayer that they will go on to do great things for the Lord!  All in all, Camp Commitment II was the best camp I have ever been to!

Camp Counselors

My girls checking out their reflections in the pond
All the Senior Campers
Linnea and I
My girls with spoons hanging off their noses….part of the picture scavenger hunt.
Me and my girls
All the girls
“I Can’t Believe We Fit In Here!”
Silly Picture
Christopher and I