Can a Bus Problem Lead to God’s Praise?

Before I forgot about the blessings which took place today I wanted to write it out in this blog post so that everyone else could read and glory in the power of God. Prior to our departure from camp we uncovered a disheartening problem with the bus. The batteries were indicating they had absolutely no power. But once we found out that the bus would continue to operate as long as the bus was running, the camp owners used their John Deere tractor to get us rolling. Everything was going smoothly and after a few hours into the trip Chris Gable relinquished the wheel and I drove for a few hours. After a while we needed to make an emergency stop for one of the teens who felt sick and needed a bathroom immediately. The exit options were limited far between so I made the call to get off a particular exit which looked sort of promising. However, there wasn’t much and we pulled into an odd looking Chinese restaurant to use their facilities. While the teen was in the bathroom I figured I would get the bus turned around so we could pull out immediately after everything was taken care off.

There was one issue though, I wasn’t informed that reverse on the bus needs to be fed with gas all the meanwhile otherwise it stalls and dies. Well, as you probably guessed, we did just that. Ya, I’m sure you can imagine the pit in my stomach as accusations began to fly, but strangely enough, despite being frustrated with myself for my error I had a comforting feeling that God was going to do something good through it. Bro. Chris went into the Asian restaurant and the boys began to spill out of the bus, excited for the opportunity to be out of the cramped bus. After talking with a nearby garage he didn’t give me much hope as he reminded me that most businesses close at 5pm. I then called all the guys back into the bus for an impromptu prayer meeting. I told the teens the despair of our situation and shared how this could be an incredible opportunity for God to show us how amazing he is at answering prayer. All the teens then spilled out of the bus and began playing games outside while I continued to make phone calls to other nearby garages and even a fire station since I had seen their truck drive past. I did have one garage that was open till 8 give me a quote for $200. I really was hoping that God would work it out so that it would be more of miracle than something we could buy.

I am thankful for all the adults that came on the trip because God used each of them in this situation in a special way because they had the same heart, a heart to allow God to work in every situation. Denise Rogers saw a business across the road and she began to make her way over to find if anyone would be willing to help. While she was busy making her way over there, Jill Brooks began speaking with the restaurant owner about our situation and worked out a bargain with her that if we could use the bathrooms we would sing for all her patrons. She thought that would be very neat and so while I gathered the group together and Joel Dafoe ran the books out we began the procession into the small store, BUT! Before we made our way into the store a truck made its way over with two guys who apparently ran a near by campground. Denise had found some guys who would be willing to help us. As we entered the store we heard the roar of our engine jump to life. Joel told me later that both the men were given tracts and told that they were the answer to our prayers. While that witnessing opportunity was being taken, our teens sang “Wonderful Grace of Jesus” to 15 people including 4 staff workers and handed out tracts afterwards.Before singing the song I was able to confidently share to those in the restaurant that the bus they saw and now heard running was a direct answer to our prayers and we now wanted to sing to them about how wonderful Gods Grace is in our lives. My heart was beating with excitement as I was able to unveil an incredible story which God had just done before their eyes and ours.

My heart is overwhelmed by the power and care of God in that potentially despairing situation. As I continued to drive on I kept thinking about whether God would have done something that special if we hadn’t prayed. God may have gotten us out simply because of love for us, but we may have missed some of the special events that took place because of our awareness His presence and desire to work. Also, if we hadn’t prayed as a group the teens may have not associated the events that took place as miracle of God and may just have connected it with the ingenuity of the adults. I hope they never forget this event in their lives , I know I won’t. it’s another story I can add to the series of ways God has demonstrated his power to me.