Can I Be Thankful for Busy Days?

Today was simply exhausting. My cell kept ringing when I didn’t want it to and I had so much Bible Institute homework to catch up on since I was Thailand. I was getting quite discouraged, and the thought kept running through my mind, “How can you be thankful for this?”

Ya know, there are going to be days like this, the problem was pretty much my fault :). But, while I was discouraged I began to just talk to God and share to him my discouragment and I asked Him to help me and it is amazing how the Lord can calmn our soul. Though I felt overwhelmed by the amount of projects going on I knew that God was in control. Actually as I write this blog now I am listening to the CD, “Only by His Grace” and the song which just turned on is called, “The Secret Place” and it talks about finding God’s grace and strength when we seek His face. Talk about a fitting song.

I’m just so thankful for the Grace and Peace which the Lord gives, I guarentee you that no worldly video or physicology or any junk in the world will relieve you more than knowing that you are God’s child and He cares for you. I think sometimes crazy days like mine today is necessary to cause us to not get angry, but look to the Lord and rely on Him. 🙂

From what I can tell right now it looks like tomorrow is going to be a crazy day, so hopefully I can learn to schedule my time better and look to the Lord for guidance 🙂

Back to the question, “Can I Be Thankful for Busy Days?”… I think so, as long as those days draw you closer to the Lord and you don’t rely on worldly methods you will LOVE the LORD even more. I pray that I will love the Lord more every day.

Have a Wonderful Day Friends!