Can I Trap Him

The devil actively is pursuing every Christian to cause him or her to be entrapped by the things of this world.

Pleasure in this life will
never come close to the glories that are prepared for them that Love
the Lord. The devil knows that and will provide us activites and
trinkets to love. We obviously cannot be seperated from the things of
this life. God set is in this earth for a purpose, however the devil
wants to distract us from this purpose. As a diver cannot stay under
water forever and an airplane cannot remain in the sky so also the
Christian cannot remain in the world. In all three cases the once the
mission is complete in their abnormal places they must return to
reality. Those who are saved have a mission, a mission to share the
good news to this world. The concern and love for others who do not
know or do not understand the good news should be always on our mind
and plans. We have a mission, a mission which the devil wants to
distract us from. If a diver stays to long in the water he will drown,
if a plane remains to long in the atmosphere it will also be
destroyed. Our life as a Christian is only temporary in this world,
real life is in heaven. We will use the means necessary to complete
the mission, but understand that our mission is not to remain and
continue to sustain ourself in that place, but to finish the mission
and move out. This world is only temporary, don’t focus your life on
making your stay comfortable, but use the tools in this life to
complete the mission, to speak to more people. To let everyone know of
real life! Make sure the devil will not trap you.

This was a great challenge I learned from my devotions this morning. I
hope it was a challenge and blessing to you also!