The Actual Proposal

The thought occurred to me that not everyone has Facebook or has subscribed to our new blog who may wish to watch the video that Benjamin made to propose to me. So….I give it to you here. 🙂 Enjoy!

Engagement Pictures!

Saturday we received a cute little package from Caren Morris Photography. Inside was a thumb drive with over 180 pictures! We had such a grand time that evening taking pictures. How can you not have a wonderful time when you’re with the person you love in such a beautiful setting like Mukilteo?! Click here for more pictures:  Benjamin and Alyssa’s … Read More

What IS love?!

Yes folks…..I do have love on the brain as of late. 🙂 It might be due to the fact that the man I love is constantly on my mind. But….ahem….you probably don’t want to hear about that. What YOU want to hear about is what I think love is…..hence my title. But….I’m not going to define love as I see … Read More

Funny and Ironic…

So I was scrolling through my photo gallery on my phone today and I came across this picture.  Here’s the story…  A few days before Benjamin came out to propose I was at Taco Bell with a friend….a friend who happened to know he was coming to propose. HOW she managed to hold in her laughter as I came back … Read More

The Last Year!

Yesterday marked the first day of my last year of school! As you can imagine, I’m eagerly counting down this year towards a much bigger event than graduation. 😀 As usual, the first week is quite overwhelming. Trying to find my classes, and on time, can be difficult with all the construction obstructing the very center of the campus forcing … Read More