Spring ’12 Recital

Here are the results of my work this quarter at school. God’s been so good to me in so many ways and I’ve enjoyed learning all these new things!

Communing with God

I’ve just embarked on a challenge to read through God’s Word in 90-days and thus far it’s been so rewarding! To dive into the very wisdom of God will always be rewarding. This week, one of the books I’m reading is Genesis (obviously, since I just started!). It still amazes me how the Almighty Creator would desire to have a … Read More

The End…..Almost!

The quarter is coming to an end. That means that the school year is coming to an end! *insert huge smile here* It’s neat to look back throughout the year and see what I’ve learned! I praise God for allowing me to go to school and get an education in something that I love dearly, in something that can be … Read More

It’s Tuesday!

What’s so special about Tuesday? Well, not much.  This morning as I was evaluating the day at hand, I realized that I love Tuesdays! For several reasons: It’s not Monday.  It’s a short(er) day at school. I haven’t been going to school all week so I’m not as exhausted.  I get to teach piano. School tends to take up a … Read More

The Weekend

I’m just now getting around to writing about last weekend due to a pretty crazy week, but it was so great that I couldn’t just leave it unsaid! First, let’s start with Saturday.  It was mostly sunny and just plain beautiful. I love how the Lord has been blessing us with beautiful weekends. The morning started off with outreach and … Read More