The Highland Games

Each year, the Skagit Valley hosts the Highland Games, a festival put on by the Celtic Arts Foundation. Featuring various traditional games (such as stone throwing, hay tossing, etc.), bagpipe competitions, and clan pride, the kilts seem commonplace! If you are of Scottish or Irish heritage, you are likely to find a tent with your clan’s name bannered proudly at … Read More

Lavender and Bell

I hoped to have something extraordinary to blog about on my 200th post. Hmm…..I’ll just tell you about my Monday. 😉 Busy as usual, I was able to accomplish quite a few things. I got a good head start on a rather large printing project that’s set for this week. With only one minor setback, I’m hoping to finish it … Read More

Snow Day!

This morning around 6:00 as I rolled over to whack the snooze button for the second time I heard my cell phone buzz indicating a text.  Sure enough, the college had sent out a notice that classes were canceled.  I jumped out of bed and looked out the window! In my excitement I forgot that I need my glasses to see any … Read More

Countdown: 2 days

I feel like there is SO much I want to blog about, but time does not allow. So I will make this brief but add some fun pictures. 🙂  Yesterday we had a graduation for our Bible Training Institute here at Bible Baptist Church.  Two people graduated: My good friend Carolyn and one of our preachers in training, Chris. It was … Read More


Who is my Mom?  What is she like?  Well I can tell you that she is not only a GREAT Mom but a great friend! 🙂  She has a sense of humor that makes us laugh, especially when we particularly don’t want to.  She always has just the right word to say when life seems overwhelming.  She’s an example of kindness and patience.  She … Read More