A Day to Remember

No, I’m not talking about what a fabulous day I had here in Chiang Mai, although it truly was a great day and one I will always remember.  But I am talking about a day ten years ago.  A day that each of us remember very clearly what we were doing, where we were.  At the time, I was too … Read More

Charges Dropped…

Chicago has dropped it’s charges against Holland for praying outside the Planned Parenthood Clinic! See Article here.

Man Gets Arrested for Praying Outside Clinic

On July 3, a grad. student in Chicago was arrested for praying the rosary outside a Planned Parenthood clinic.  While I don’t agree with the rosary and with what Catholicism represents, this just shows how America is treating “religion” as a whole.  According to reports, Holland was violating the new city “Bubble” law that requires verbal consent from 8 ft. … Read More

Student Sues Over Religion

While reading on foxnews.com I came across this article telling of a Georgia grad. Student who is suing her University.  Why is she doing this?  Jennifer Keeton, a christian, stands very strongly on her views against homosexuality.  She makes her views well known not only outside but inside the class room as well.  Keeton has been pursuing a Masters degree … Read More

Leadership Training Institute of America

This past week had to be one of the most amazing weeks of my life.  It was certainly life changing! Nine of us SPGs headed to Washington D.C. with Bro. Geist to attend the Leadership Training Institute of America, run by Bro. Pat Briney.  This intense week was busy from the moment we stepped off the plane to the moment … Read More