The Weekend

I’m just now getting around to writing about last weekend due to a pretty crazy week, but it was so great that I couldn’t just leave it unsaid! First, let’s start with Saturday.  It was mostly sunny and just plain beautiful. I love how the Lord has been blessing us with beautiful weekends. The morning started off with outreach and … Read More

The Gospel Message

Please take the time to watch this clear presentation of the gospel. It is WORTH your time, trust me. Take ten minutes and consider where you are spiritually. Ten minutes is a grain of sand in the sea of eternity!


Every month I look forward to the Ladies Bible Fellowship at church. It’s a wonderful time spent encouraging each other with fellowship and God’s word.  Oh, and of course, there’s always delicious food. 🙂  I guess you could say, I go for the food.  But not the snacks, coffee, veggies, etc. The best part about the meeting is the spiritual … Read More

Almost There!

It’s really odd for me to go this long without posting something. To be honest, I have been so busy trying to finish up school that blogging has been pretty low on the priority list. Don’t get me wrong, I have tons to write about! Since last time I wrote I’ve turned 21 (along with Josh, my twin). The day … Read More

What An Opportunity!

School has resumed and so far..well…it’s been a tad stressful. I wasn’t too concerned beforehand because usually the first week is pretty light. Generally they go over the syllabus, get to know everyone, etc. Not with these classes. Nope! Full blown in the first week. This has made it pretty tricky in trying to juggle “motherhood” with school. LOL! But … Read More