New Things

Life would be boring if it always stayed the same, if we were never challenged with changes or introduced to new things, no matter how little. I’ll start small and work into things…. I’ve discovered this new tea that’s just amazing!  It sounds like a weird combination……Peach and Ginger…..but it’s a delicious mix of fruit and spice.  I have to … Read More

Repurposing Beauty

I love my sheet music. I love the way it looks, especially old vintage sheet music. One of my favorite places to find old sheet music is the thrift store because it’s super cheap. Now, as much as I love to play music, I wouldn’t necessarily use everything I find.  Inspired by some of my “blog friends” and some of … Read More


Yes, I’ve been slacker of a blogger as of late.  I don’t even really have a good excuse.  School is out. Life has slowed down.  I guess I just haven’t felt like writing.  Not that things haven’t been exciting.  🙂 Usually I convey my excitement for Christmas much sooner.  I have to say, being so busy with school, Christmas really … Read More

Home Again

As you may have noticed, I went a period of time where I did blog posts, blog posts, blog posts….SCREECH! The last time I wrote was in the airport in South Korea.  As not to leave you hanging (I’m sure you’ve all just been biting your nails wondering if I was kidnapped in Korea. :-p), I did make it home … Read More

Airport Musings

Here I sit at the Incheon Airport in Seoul, South Korea.  I am settling in for a 12 hour layover.  I’m thinking, this is going to be a LONG layover!  First stop, coffee of course.  I’m saving the delights of Mountain Dew until halfway through my layover. Gives me something to look forward to right? 🙂  Here’s my strategy.  Stay … Read More