Lavender and Bell

I hoped to have something extraordinary to blog about on my 200th post. Hmm…..I’ll just tell you about my Monday. 😉 Busy as usual, I was able to accomplish quite a few things. I got a good head start on a rather large printing project that’s set for this week. With only one minor setback, I’m hoping to finish it … Read More

Repurposing Beauty

I love my sheet music. I love the way it looks, especially old vintage sheet music. One of my favorite places to find old sheet music is the thrift store because it’s super cheap. Now, as much as I love to play music, I wouldn’t necessarily use everything I find.  Inspired by some of my “blog friends” and some of … Read More

A Beauty To Behold

This afternoon was spent with friends at Deception Pass with Whidbey Coffee in hand. That’s the way to go! Although…it makes climbing on rocks rather difficult when you only have one hand free. I only nearly fell to my death once….Not too bad. 😉 It was absolutely spectacular!  Words cannot even express the beauty. I praise God for allowing me … Read More

Worship In Song!

Music has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.  Once I began to reach the point with my piano abilities that I could produce beautiful (tolerable?) music I would be immediately drawn to the piano as a sort of comfort in times of trial.  The music blessed my soul and gave me a certain … Read More

New Favorites and Old Favorites

Here are some new things that I’ve come to love and some old things that I am SO glad are available here….even if they do look different. hehe Passion Fruit…..absolutely delicious! Now I can understand why it’s called PASSION fruit. 🙂 Old favorite….Cheetos! Haha….Thai style. Actually no. If it were Thai style it would either be fish flavored or have … Read More