Lavender and Bell

I hoped to have something extraordinary to blog about on my 200th post. Hmm…..I’ll just tell you about my Monday. 😉 Busy as usual, I was able to accomplish quite a few things. I got a good head start on a rather large printing project that’s set for this week. With only one minor setback, I’m hoping to finish it … Read More

The Weekend

I’m just now getting around to writing about last weekend due to a pretty crazy week, but it was so great that I couldn’t just leave it unsaid! First, let’s start with Saturday.  It was mostly sunny and just plain beautiful. I love how the Lord has been blessing us with beautiful weekends. The morning started off with outreach and … Read More

No More Dots and Swirlies!

A few years ago I began decorating cakes with a friend. We would do it for special occasions (if we were brave enough!) but because we hadn’t taken a class we were learning things the hard way and didn’t know many of the technics.  Many late nights were spent bent over a cake applying royal icing flowers or fretting over … Read More

Pictures from Concert

My friend, Hannah, and myself performing our duet at the Emerging Artist Concert in La Conner. With our teacher, Marilyn Brossard. All the performers! (Haha….the angle makes me look SO short!)

Upcoming events….

It is April 2nd. The beginning of a very busy month. Spring break has been wonderful! I’ve enjoyed a good amount of rest balanced with much busyness. My main accomplishment was working in the print shop, which I loved! I really miss working in there with the hum of the machines, the music to sing along with, and the books … Read More