Coffee and Witnessing

Getting coffee at 7-Eleven to people in this part of the country seems just plain weird. Why go for the cheap stuff when you could get Whidbey Coffee or Starbucks? You see, I have this thing for their Pumpkin Spiced Latte. YUM! Not to mention, the Lord has opened doors for me in that place!

About a month ago, I found myself craving a Pumpkin Spiced latte at 7-Eleven. Nothing abnormal. I look forward to the season where I can get it. This day was special. Pastor Sargent had been preaching a series on Soul Winning. He encouraged us each to pray for a person to witness to, and the Lord WILL give us a soul if we ask Him. That day I was very conscious of opportunities and seeking them. So I got my coffee and made my way to the counter. Now, if you give out tracts even every once and a while, you know that most people say “No Thank you” and reject the tract. That’s just a fact of soul winning, something we have to be prepared for. That had been happening to me a lot, so as I approached the counter I prayed that this lady would accept the tract. After I paid, I handed her the tract and asked her to read it because it’s something that has really changed my life. She looked me in the eyes and said a meaningful “thank you”. I went away from there rejoicing because I could see something in her eyes that I didn’t see in most people I give tracts to. She’s been on my mind quite a bit since then.

Today, as I was getting gas at 7-Eleven I got that craving for a Pumpkin Spiced Latte (yes they still have it!). So I went inside, got my coffee, and went to pay. I looked at the lady behind the counter and thought “Is that her? I’m not entirely sure. But if I offer her a tract she’ll tell me if I’ve already given her one.” She did just that. Immediately I knew that it was her. So, I asked her if she read the tract. She said yes she had, and had even passed it on to someone else that needed it. She then began to cry and say that she has been going through a really hard time, a time where she just can’t trust anyone. I told her that we cannot put our trust completely in men because they will let us down, but that the Lord is someone who will never let us down. Through the conversation she shared some of her burdens. I told her that the reason I wanted to share the tract with her and to speak with her was because I wanted her to experience the same peace that I have. She said, “What is that experience? I have never had that. In fact, I haven’t had peace in SO long.” By that time customers were making their way in and I knew the conversation was over for the time. I introduced myself, and she introduced herself as Michelle. Please pray for her. I plan to go back next Monday and invite her to the Ladies Bible Fellowship.
I would like to even do the e-life studies with her at some point if she wants to.

So if you ever get the urge to get some cheap coffee, go for it! You never know what doors the Lord will open. 🙂