College Fun

Today was a new experience in the life of Alyssa. Yes you guessed it…college! I didn’t start college today, but I did visit the campus I will be commuting to. The campus here does not offer the music classes so I will be commuting to the main campus that is about 45 minutes away. Anyway, I HAD to go to the big campus to sign paperwork for the GI Bill (what makes my college free) TODAY! Tuition is due on Wednesday and if those papers weren’t signed I’d be hunted down for payment. 🙂 Ok not really but I didn’t want to take the chance.

It was quite nerve racking to go there. I felt very….inexperienced! Little Alyssa…the homeschooler who has only once stepped into a public school….and that was to take the SAT. How was I supposed to find my way around this big campus?! After asking two people I finally found the VA Office. Whew!

So I had this issue when registering for classes. I knew that there were more music classes to take but I had to have permission from the music director before I could register for those classes. Because they don’t offer the classes here the advisors weren’t able to help me in that area. I had tried calling the director and leaving emails but to no avail. Talk about stressful!

So that was just a little background. I was sitting in the VA office signing paperwork when another lady helping went to find out if the music director was in (Since I happened to be on the campus). A few minutes later she came dashing in exclaiming, “Alyssa! She’s waiting for a student to come and said she would squeeze you in. But we have to run!!” So off we ran across the campus to pay a visit to the music director. I was all out of breath as I introduced myself. haha….great first impression! It was such a miracle how it all worked out. She gave me a lot of clear direction regarding the music transfer degree. Looks like I will be taking piano lessons! For those that know me, you might think that’s silly. BUT I have been wanting to take piano lessons for a good while now. It’s finally happening! And she’s the piano professor at the college so I know she’ll challenge me.

So that was my exciting day. Classes start January 4th! YAY!