Come On a Walk With Us!

It’s cool season here in Thailand. Mae Sai is just beautiful with it’s lush green rice fields and the mountains in the near distance. Now is the time to go on walks before hot season arrives, which will be soon! So we invite you to come on a walk through our neighborhood while we show you what a walk looks like here in Mae Sai.

Step into our shoes!

This is the road sign next to our house on the road that was never built. But they certainly have very ornate road signs here!

A typical neighborhood street.

Everyone’s trash cans look like this. They are actually made of old tires!

You will also often see recyclers going through the neighborhoods.

No one has electric dryers here so wash is hung wherever it can dry the fastest!

There is so much incredible greenery!

Oh hey look! There’s our house in the distance! Be careful not to fall into the ditch there on the left…we don’t want to pop a stroller tire. 😉

We’re getting closer! We are right there on the corner.

Apparently that was a successful walk. 😀