Coming Soon to a Blog Near You

Hmmm, ya I’ve been working on way to many videos. Anyhow, I got this
great devotional which I have been wanting to write up and I’m
starting to feel inspired to write it again. Hopefully I can buckle
down and get at short version typed up for y’all. The title is. “The
Last Walk” Hopefully it’s as neat to you as it is in my head.

The way I always remember thinking even when I was young is in a movie
style, I can picture things happening and it looks and sounds great.
The hard part I have is getting those ideas out. The title of my
message I think kind of sounds like a movie title. Anyway, I wanted to
post this on my blog to give you something to wet your appetite. I’ve
got a lot of reading for Christology class so I’ll see how far I get
on it.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog everyone, even though I
don’t know everyone who reads it, I know your out there (cause I can
see the stats) Waha-hahaha 🙂